What will you do if the iPad that you hired to use from a rental tablet has got wet? You may have accidentally dropped the device in the tub, sea, or the toilet, and might be looking to dry it out and fix the water damage to it. It is very sad that iPads and iPhones get dropped all the time. The most common damage from drops is the smashed screen and the second most common one is the water damage.

If you have accidentally dropped your iPad in water, you should not think that it is the end of the road for the tablet. A quick dunk in water cannot be necessarily a death sentence for an iPad, but still, there is no guarantee that the iPad will survive the water damage. The best strategies to deal with water-damaged iPads are explained below.

Dry Externally

This is the first thing to do if you have dropped the iPad in water. Get the device out of the water and never think of plugging the device in. Moreover, do not try to turn on the device right away, as it could lead to short circuits. Remove the case, if any, and take out the memory card. Doing these things will reduce the number of areas where water can enter. Now wipe the exterior of the device, turn it upside down, shake it gently, and let it dry.

Turn Off

You need to avoid activating the circuit inside the iPad, as it can lead to short circuits and further damages to the device. So, if the device is not turned off, make sure that you turn it off completely. If it is off, do not be tempted to power up the device to check if it is still working, as powering it on can lead to long term damages. If the device was turned on while it was dropped in water, make sure to turn it off before drying.

Dry with Silica Gel

The next thing to do is to deep dry the device, and for that, you can use silica gel sachets. If you do not have silica gel, you can also use uncooked rice, but silica gel will offer you better results. It might be possible for you to buy silica gel from a craft shop or hand bag shops. These sachets can help to dry the iPad more efficiently than raw rice, but make sure that you give at least 48 hours for the device to dry completely.

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