If you are a tablet user bored by thumb scrolling over the tablet display, the next best bet is to own a refurbished device. Wholesale Tablets offers fresh models with good looking specs on paper, and our technicians clear the minor bugs on returned tablets so that users enjoy the new feel. Below are the preliminary steps to buy or rent from the tablet lot at MyTabletRentals.Com

Test the Revamped Specifications

Technicians can hardly tell the difference between used tablets to the refurbished tablets due to the difference in error. Obviously, the specification on an Android and the iPad differ, but there are no limits to testing faulty components in a tablet. Even in new tablets, minute things such as the SAR value and the fingerprint sensor get tested before they are put for sale at Wholesale Tablets.

Do an Unforced Research

Refurbished tablets mean not just replacing the display but also the internal and the externals of a faulty tablet. The branded tablets are manufactured flawlessly, yet some bugs remain in there, sometimes. The annoying bugs tend to make users return used tablets to Wholesale Tablets, which are then fixed by our experienced staff and made as good as new.


The math behind refurbishing is to transfer the price benefits of a new device to refurbished tablets. Users jump on an eye-catching deal as all users want is value-for-money. The price variances help spot the difference between the two ways of buying and renting. There are thousands of models available on the Wholesale Tablets, either way.

Out-of-the-Box Package

Think about the accessories such as the charger, data cable, and headphones bundled in a fresh package. Our tablet lot offers plenty of accessories in bulk alongside the refurbished tablets. Ensure every package is in order and make it a point to contact the salesperson for any concerns.

Check on Debate Forums

The manufacturer web portals upload user reviews on used tablets, usually after six months. While reviewing is a common practice, the bugs appear on a branded device after one year. Yet note that some brands extend support hence it might take a while for the users to return.

The battery also gets tested by the skillful technicians at Wholesale Tablets as a precaution. The testing process is comprehensive and it starts from the basic to the advanced parts gradually.

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