Google released their virtual aide, Google Assistant with the launch of their Pixel smartphones. Google Assistant provides a new way of interacting with Google Search. With this latest assistant program, users can have a conversational style interaction with Google Search.

Google Assistant is now built into many Android phones and tablets, and can be accessed by long pressing the home button of the device. Google Assistant is what opens up when you say “OK Google” to a compatible Android device. Google Assistant will let you do all the things that that you had done with voice search feature of Google. In addition, there are some new commands in Google Assistant.

For instance, it can tell you jokes or host games and programs for you. The built-in artificial intelligence is the main difference between the regular voice search of Google Now and Google Assistant, and the service has become much more intelligent now.

What is “OK Google”

OK Google” is the voice command that is used to activate the voice search of your Android tablet. You can access this by opening the Google Search widget or Google app and then saying “OK Google” or by tapping on the microphone icon. On some of the devices, it might work even when the device is on sleep mode. With those devices with the Google search bar on the home screen, you can say “OK Google” right on the home screen.

Steps to Set up “OK Google”

You may also set up the device to recognize the “OK Google” command no matter in what screen or app the device is. To do this follow the steps explained below.

  • Launch the Google app on the device and tap pm the hamburger icon to select Settings.
  • Choose Voice and then select OK Google Detection.
  • Enable the option to Say “OK Google” At Any Time.

These steps will setup to open the Google Assistant irrespective of the screen or the app where the Android device is. You can ask almost anything to the Google Assistant. It can help you set up alarms, schedule meetings, make calls, send text messages and much more on your Android tablet. For instance, you can ask the program to “Call Johnson”, “Show the walking directions to home”, “Schedule a meeting with Gregory,” or “Open the calendar app.”

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