One of the major advantages of using an Android tablet is the availability of a wide range of widgets for adding to the home screen. They offer more convenience to the users in accessing some of the important applications in a tablet.

Most of the Android tablets bought through bulk tablet rentals already come inbuilt with a few of the sample widgets. However, these widgets offer basic functionality only and may not satisfy the needs of some users. Due to this, it is important to include some of the useful widgets like navigation, contact, and eBook in your tablet. Below are some of the useful widgets to include on your tablet home screen.


The Directions widget is a helpful pick that allows you to get accurate directions to the desired location more quickly than relying on an app. For adding the widget to the home screen, long pressing on the home page and selecting the Directions widget. Now drag it to the home screen to complete the process.

After the addition of the widget to the home screen, choose a travel method and the destination. Moreover, you can also include the contact name, address, contact info, etc., in the widget.

After adding a shortcut name, tap on the save button. The Directions widget can be used by tapping it on the home screen. It will instantly open the Maps app and provide you with the right directions to your referenced location.


Using a Contact widget is the best way to quickly access some of your most important and popular contacts. For this, add the Contact widget to the home screen and choose the required contacts from the address book of the tablet.

After selecting a name, the widget of the required contact along with their contact picture, if available, will be displayed on the home screen. To access the widget, tap on it on the home screen, which then displays all the specified information about the contact like phone number, email id, address, etc.


This widget is an excellent way for quickly accessing any eBooks from applications like Google Play Books. For this, create a shortcut of the resource you are reading in Google Play Books into the home screen.

Simply select the Book widget and choose the eBooks that you need to include. Tapping on the widget will quickly redirect you to the book that you have been reading in the Google Play Books app.

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