If you are an iPad user, you will have wondered if there is any quick way to skip the apostrophe. Every year, Apple releases a new version of their operating system that powers the iPad device. With every new version of iPad, new features are introduced aimed at increasing the productivity and efficiency of the device. Some of these secret features of your iPad are explained below.

Skipping Scrolling to the Top

Have you ever scrolled down to the end of a long list and needed to go back to the top of the list? Of course, you might have and you might not know that there is no need to scroll. You just need to tap the title bar of the app that you are using or on the webpage to return to the beginning of the page. This features works with most of the apps and web pages.

Skipping the Apostrophe

Additionally, you can skip the apostrophe as well to save some time while composing messages. In fact, many users rank this feature as one of the best keyboard tips of iPad. The auto correct feature of the iPad keyboard will help you to have apostrophe automatically. You do not have to hunt for the apostrophe symbol. The auto correct feature will automatically change wont to won’t and cant to can’t.

Finding Contacts, Music, and Apps

You might know that your iPad device has a universal search feature. You need not hunt for apps to find the one that you are looking for. Instead, you may use the Spotlight Search feature of the device to locate the app that you need. The search can help you find anything from music to contacts to apps on the device. Besides, the feature offers suggestions to the website to visit.

You may launch the search by swiping down on the screen when you are on Home screen. Anytime, you are on the Home Screen of the device, you can swipe down to start a Spotlight Search. The key point is to swipe down on somewhere middle of the screen, as if you will swipe down from the top of the screen, it will open the Notification Center.

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