Many Android tablet users have a misconception that having an excellent anti-virus protection is enough to secure their tablet and to protect their personal files. It is significant to understand that if you do not adopt proper security measures on your tablet, then your personal files and other details might end up in the hands of hackers.

Fortunately, the Android operating system is a flexible one and it does offer plenty of exciting applications that allow you to protect your data and other personal files. Moreover, there are numerous apps on Android Play Store, which helps you to improve the security of your tablet.

If you were having difficulty in finding the best privacy and security apps, here are some of the top privacy and security apps for you to consider.

TextSecure Private Messenger

There are plenty of secure messaging apps in Android Play Store, but the difficult part is that most of these apps work only when both the parties use it. However, TextSecure Private Messenger has solved the issue and it works well even with standard text messages.

RedPhone Private Calls

RedPhone Private Calls is an incredible free Android application, which offers end-to-end encryption for all your private calls. This app secures all your private phone conversations and ensures that no one else can listen to them. In addition to that, this app also uses your standard phone number for making and receiving calls, which means that there is no need for another identifier.

Crypt4All Lite (AES)

Crypt4All Lite (AES) is a popular Android app and is used by millions of Android tablet users from all over the globe for decrypting and encrypting their files. This app uses a 256-bit AES algorithm to encrypt and decrypt your personal files. This app is available for free to Android tablet users.


If you use AppLock on your tablet, then you will be able to lock your Gallery, Email, Settings, Calls, SMS, and all other apps that you wish to keep away from your friends or outsiders. This app efficiently protects your personal data and other documents and ensures that no one can breach them.

App Ops

This incredible app lets you block permissions to the individual apps on your tablet. If you want to block unnecessary app permissions of specific apps, then this app would be the ideal choice for you. This app is also available for free to Android tablet users.

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