The dependence on tablet devices has increased with it being an unavoidable aspect of all communication and work related things. However, this prolonged usage of tablet devices can have a perceivable negative impact on the health of an individual.

Sleep deprivation is one such problem associated with increased usage of tablets. This is mainly caused due to the increase in the duration of exposure to the tablet screen particularly at night. The glare emanating from the screen can cause severe sleep disruption, which will eventually affect the productivity of an individual.

Overcoming the issue of sleep disruption does not require that you stop using these devices altogether. Using them in a controlled way, especially at night, is the best solution to minimize the many issues related with its usage.

In many Android tablets, there are many features and options available to help you with that. The following are some tips to minimize such vision and sleep related issues associated with the night usage of tablets.

Avoid Night Usage

Totally avoiding the use of tablets prior to sleep is by far the best way to guarantee a good sleep. Studies have concluded that the blue light emitted from tablet and smartphone screens can severely disrupt the sleep patterns by suppressing the melatonin levels in the body. Due to this, it is advisable to completely avoid using such devices at night.

Using Browser’s Reader Mode

For those involved in the habit or browsing or reading the webs content prior to sleep, the reader mode available in browsers is the best way to go. They eliminate all the unnecessary distractions like ads and images by giving importance to the text content present in a website.

In popular browsers like Google Chrome, the reader mode is activated by typing chrome: //flags into the navigation bar. In open source web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, this mode can be easily enabled by tapping on the Reader View icon in the address bar.

Dimming the Screen

Most Android tablets have built in screen dimming features that allow adjusting the amount of blue light emitted. For more advanced options in making the screen more pleasing for night viewing, there are specialized apps available for download in the Play Store as well.

Do Not Disturb Setting

The Do Not Disturb setting available in Android is the best way to shut of all the annoyances like calls, text messages, and emails that disturb your sleep. To enable this feature go to Settings > Sound and Notification and click on the Do Not Disturb option.

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