Tablets and smartphones have opened up numerous possibilities to all of us and these devices have played a key role in making our lives a little bit more convenient and comfortable. We use these devices for a number of purposes such as watching movies, accessing social media platforms, work related purposes, to make payments, and a lot more.

This means that the device may contain some of our important documents and passwords. This means that if you don’t securely use the device, then you might lose plenty of your important files and other documents, which you have stored in the tablet. So here are a few tips and tricks, which will help you to tighten the security of your Android tablet.

Do Not Save all the Passwords

Many tablet users prefer to save their passwords to websites and other online services on their Android tablet. Yet you have to consider what if someone else gets access to your device. Obviously, it would be better not to store your important passwords on your tablet, especially in the payment and banking apps.

Lock your Apps

There will be plenty of apps in your Android tablet and some of them may contain your private information. If you want to hide this information from your friends or roommates, then make sure to lock such apps. You could also use a free app such as App Locker to do the same.

App Permissions

A number of request permissions will be displayed on your screen before the installation of an app. These pop-ups help you to know the permissions this app requires. Not all of these permissions might be necessary. So, make sure to read all these permission and ignore them if they don’t make sense to you.

Use Mobile Security App

Having an app, which handles almost all of the security issues of your tablet, will make your job a lot easier. You can easily find many security applications on the Google Play Store. Find an accurate app for your device, as it will ensure the security of your tablet and make it less prone to malware attacks.

Create Multiple User Account

If you are an Android tablet user, who shares the device with your kids, spouse, or your siblings, then it would be wiser to create multiple user accounts. This will help the users to protect their privacy and other details and files from one another.

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