If you do not wish to have the new iPad and are looking for an alternative for it, then you can go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. We all know that Samsung offers many tablet models, but many users and experts claim that their “S” series is the best.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the follower of Galaxy Tab S2, which was released last year. It is said to be one of the best tablets that you can buy now. Many users claim that the device even outclasses the iPad Pro 9.7 model in some of the areas.

In fact, the Galaxy Tab S3 device is very much similar to the iPad Pro 9.7 and even the screen size is the same. The display resolution is also the same, meaning that the images and text displayed on the screen will look sharp and crisp. The device features their latest AMOLED panel to offer more bright colors to the users.

Galaxy Tab S3 is not only ideal for watching content, but also is great for making it. The S Pen stylus offered with the device works really well and is comparable with the Apple Pencil. Note that Samsung offers the S Pen free with the device, whereas the Apple Pencil is not included with iPad Pro and needs to be bought separately. S-Pen stylus can be used to paint, draw or jot down quick notes in the tablet and the best feature is that all this can be done without unlocking the tablet.

The device also supports a keyboard but it is an optional accessory and can be brought for 129.99 dollars. Much like the iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab S3 features a smart connector on one of its sides to connect the keyboard without the need for Bluetooth pairing. This will help save battery of the device while using the keyboard. Each corner of the device has four speakers like the iPad Pro and these speakers offer great stereo effects.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet is powered by the latest Android Nougat operating system and allows users to run apps side by side, again, just like the iPad Pro. The device also allows users to pop out videos to have picture in picture viewing while doing other tasks on the tablet.

Verdict? If you do not like iPad Pro, but would like to have a comparable device, then Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 would be your best bet. Buy it from Samsung Galaxy S3 wholesale tablets dealers to get great offers and discounts.

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