One of the major problems experienced by tablet users is that their device runs out of storage space at a much faster rate. This means that the user might not be able to download and install any more applications to the device. In addition to that, if your device is running with low storage space, then the tablet might not be able to offer its maximum potential. This will certainly make you feel irritated, as you will experience a lag while playing games, watching videos, or using other features installed in the tablet.

Clean Up your Downloads Folder

There is a Downloads folder in your tablet, almost similar to that on a Mac or PC. This folder is a common hideout place for the miscellaneous junk files that are downloaded either from the web or from other applications. So, make sure to check your Downloads folder by opening the app drawer and by tapping the Downloads tab. This will allow you to see the hidden or unwanted files in your tablet. Deleting these files will help you to save a lot of space on your tablet.

Delete the Already Backed Up Images

One of the highlighting features of the Google’s new Photos app is that it allows you to back up all the photos in your tablet into your personal Google account. So, back up the files and after completing the process, browse through your tablet, and delete the images that are backed up.

Open the Photos app then tap the 3-line button seen at the top left corner of your tablet. After taping on the button, go to the Settings page and click Free Up Device Storage. The app will let you know how many pictures you can remove from the tablet. Tap OK if you wish to continue.

Remove Offline Areas from Google Maps

Google Maps app is undoubtedly one of the best and most used application in our tablet. This app allows us to find our destination while we are traveling through an unknown city. In addition to that, you could save the route to your destination and use it later, even when you don’t have an active internet connection.

However, make sure to delete the offline maps stored in the device, if you no longer need them. This will allow you to reclaim a lot of storage space in your tablet device.

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