There is a resurgence of tablet devices in the market because of the release of a wide range of models by different brands. Tablets stand in between smartphones and laptops, while offering a mix of features from both the devices.

The availability of such a huge range of tablet models will make it difficult in choosing the right one according to your preferences. So, here are some of the key factors to consider while choosing the best tablet for your needs.

The Operating System

The OS is the most important parameter to consider when buying a tablet. Selecting the right OS will determine your usage and customization options. Apple’s iOS is the most user-friendly system out there. It has the best-looking interface among all other systems and offers many well-designed apps. However, it offers little customizing option for the user and only a limited number of models support this OS.

Android is the most popular operating system in tablets, due to its highly customizable options for both the software and hardware. Easy accessibility and user friendliness is its key feature. Android is the preferred OS for a majority of tablet manufacturers and due to this, there will be a lot of tablet models to choose.

Windows OS are just like their PC version and most Windows tablets use Windows 10 operating system. However, since most Windows 10 tablets are convertible, it offers no touch support but relies on keyboard and mouse input. If you are still confused, you can opt for tablet rental as well, and check out which OS suits you the best.

The Type and Screen Size

There are two types of tablets: Regular and Convertible. Regular ones are thin and compact, are easy to carry, and consist of few physical buttons along with the charging port. Convertible tablets can be folded just like a laptop and are capable of many functions like pairing with Bluetooth keyboard. It offers the dual flexibility of a laptop and a tablet.

The screen size of tablets is the next important criteria in selecting a tablet. This size can range from 7 to 10 inches on average, and you can select one that is compact for handling, and is the most suitable one for your needs.

The App Support

The App Store is the digital store for the iOS compatible devices, and it offers a good selection of apps along with good protection to prevent the users from downloading troublesome apps into their devices. Google Play is Android’s official application store, and it offers a huge amount of apps that are much easier to access and download.

Windows Store is the application storehouse for Windows tablets, and it offers flexibility in downloading from anywhere. Windows Store also has the added advantage of improved security that prevents any harmful malware infection through the apps.

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