Many of the iPad users may not know that they can filter out all the advertisements, menu items and other content that distracts them from freely reading a web content. And this can be done with a single tap of your finger.

It is true that the Safari web browser is simplified and easy to use, but there are many hidden gems to explore as well, if you know exactly where to look for. The tablet rental tips that are shared below will help you understand more on finding out some of the hidden features of Safari browser.

View Two Tabs Simultaneously

Apple has been improving the multitasking capabilities of the iPad. One of the coolest and most useful features they recently added is the ability to split the Safari web browser into two. This will allow users to view two different web pages on the screen at the same time.

To make use of the feature, you should need an iPad that supports split screen multitasking. This feature is included in the iPad Air 2 or higher models, iPad Air 4 or higher models, and the iPad Pro line of tablets.

The split view of Safari browser can be opened by holding down the tab button. When you hold down the tab button, a popup menu appears that offer the choice to split view. In the Split View mode, toolbar moves from top of the screen to the bottom and you will be offered with a toolbar for each view.

Restrict a Website

This feature is a boon to parents. Users can restrict the Safari web browser from displaying some of the websites or even restrict all the websites, except those that are designated by the user.

This can be done by opening Settings, selecting General from the left menu, and choosing Restrictions. The link to enable Parental Restrictions will be provided at the top of the screen. You will need to type in a password for restrictions though; if you wish to modify the restriction rules later, you will need to type in the password.

After typing in the password, you will need to select Websites. You will be presented with three choices, Allow All Websites, Specific Websites Only, and Limit Adult Content. The Limit Adult Content choice is much useful for parents, as it restricts the browser from loading any site that has explicit content that is not suitable for children.

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