After purchasing a new Android tablet, it is important that you configure it up the right way. When starting the device for the first time, the onscreen instructions will clearly guide you in setting up the device. The initial set up must be followed by configuring many other vital settings in the device.

Doing so will ensure that your tablet will function in the most efficient way right from the start and help prolong its lifetime. These things include configuring numerous settings as well as installing important apps on your tablet. Described below are important things you need to configure on your new Android tablet.

Optimizing the Battery Life

If you intend to use your tablet for any kind of purpose whether for entertainment or productivity, it is crucial that the battery life is prolonged. After going through the initial setup, you must first adjust the various settings on your tablet in order to get the maximum battery backup.

The first is to adjust the brightness of the screen, as it consumes the most amount of power from the battery. Adjust the brightness while making sure you are able to view the display in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Disabling other options like Bluetooth, NFC, Location Services, etc., is also an effective way to conserve the battery.

Install a File Manager App

Installing a file manager app is highly important on your new Android tablet. It allows you to access all of the file system stored on your device in its internal storage and SD card as well. There are many such file manager apps available in the Play Store that you can download and install on your tablet.

With a file manager, you can quickly access the different files stored in your device as well a move them to different locations. Besides, a file manager allows you to share any of your files onto another device.

Adding HD Widgets

Due to the highly customizable nature of Android, you can personalize the experience of using your device by installing widgets. By using widgets, you can actually improve the interface and this allows you to quickly carry out certain tasks or navigate to a specific setting on your tablet.

By adding HD widgets, you can easily configure a digital clock or a weather status to your home screen. Besides, it can also be used to add a shortcut to important settings like Wi-Fi, brightness, rotation lock, etc., for quickly accessing them.

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