The latest iOS update from Apple has introduced a number of exciting features to users. Even though most of the changes made by the designers were highly welcomed by iPad users, they did share their concerns about one of the new changes. That is, the latest iOS operating system updates the lock screen of iPad devices with a latest “New Widgets” view, but it has also removed the iconic Slide to Unlock feature.

This means that unlocking iOS devices that are updated to the latest available version require a physical press on the Home button on the device by default. Fortunately, the nifty setting, Rest Finger to Open enables you to fix everything. Still, your device should have a Touch ID Home button for the feature to work.

The technique is applicable on all iPad and iPhone devices with a Touch ID Home button. The reason Rest Finger to Open is not enabled by default is that Apple wants their iPad and iPhone users to use the lock screen experience for checking out the gadgets and for viewing notifications. However, average iPad users might find it a little bit hard to adapt this new step from Apple. So, if you finding it hard to use your iPad due to the latest change introduced by Apple and if you wish to restore the pre-iOS 10 way of unlocking an iPad via Touch ID, below are a few simple steps that will help you to do so.

  • Go to the Settings menu of your tablet and scroll up until you see the General
  • Open General, find the Accessibility feature under it, and slowly scroll down a little bit further until you locate the Home Button
  • Right at the top of the Home Button option, you can see a new toggle for opening the Rest Finger to Open
  • Simply turn the feature on, as it will enable you to unlock your iPad by resting the finger on the Home Button.

If you ever have a change of mind, then you can revert to the default settings by following the same steps and disabling the Rest Finger to Open feature. If you are still not able to unlock your device in the old traditional way, it is better to get in touch with an iPad technician for further assistance.

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