You may have noticed that your once speedy Android device has slowed down considerably recently. You may find that the device takes much long to perform simple tasks, like switching between apps or returning to the home screen.

You will experience lag in the wrong places and this can be a lot frustrating at times. However, there are things that you can do to speed up your Android device. The tips and tricks that are shared below will help you speed up your Android tablet.

Uninstall Unnecessary and Unused Apps

Android tablets have a limited amount of internal memory and the less the free space in the device, the slower it will perform. Even if you have stuffed the memory of your device with images, apps, or music, it will be slow. So, it is good to free up some space either moving your files to a cloud storage or getting rid of the unused apps.

You can uninstall the apps by going to Settings, opening Apps menu, and choosing the app that you need to install. Remember that you will not be able to remove the default apps, but they can be disabled and hidden from the app drawer.

Limit Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Many of the Android users claim that widgets are the best benefits of using Android device. These widgets can help to find information without the need to open an app, but they can eat way battery life and degrade the performance of your Android tablet.

It will be better to decrease the number of widgets, especially the data intensive ones. Live wallpapers can also slow down your device like widgets. Therefore, it is better not to use live wallpapers. You can long press on the home screen to change live wallpapers.

Clear App Caches and Disable Animations

The cached data of your apps can build up over time and drastically affect the performance of your Android tablet. So you need to delete app caches regularly. Individual caches can be deleted by going to app menu, but there are many free apps in Google Pay Store that can automate the process of clearing app cache.

A settings option in the Android operating system will help you get access to commands that you may have never seen. Navigate to Settings, choose About Phone, move to Build Number, and tap on it seven times to get access to the developer options. Getting access to the developer options will help you do a variety of things on your Android device.

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