Tablets with their big screen serve numerous other purposes than merely using it to watch movies and browse the internet. Have you ever thought that your Android tablet can function as an excellent digital photo frame? You could do so easily, thanks to the Daydream feature included in Android tablets. Introduced from Android 4.2 version onwards, Daydream serves as an interactive screensaver for the display when it remains locked or plugged in for charging.

You can set up the Daydream feature to display your favorite photos. Moreover, this feature also allows you to constantly display other aspects such as a digital clock, news updates, and just random colors. The Daydream feature has found extensive usage on tablets for rent brought for digital exhibitions or presentations. Below is how to setup the Daydream feature in your Android tablet.

Turning on Daydream

To enable the Daydream feature in your Android tablet, first open the Settings app by going to the menu or sliding down the notifications panel. Scroll down and under the devices tab select Display. Once it is open, numerous settings related to the display appears – tap on the Daydream option to open its settings.

In the Daydream settings, you can see the list of apps and widgets integrated with the Daydream feature. The default Daydream option will be set as the Clock. You can preview how Daydream works on your Android tablet by tapping on the three vertical dots located at the top.

This will bring up a small pop down with several options like Start Now, When to Daydream, and Help & Feedback. Tap on the Start Now option to begin a preview of Daydream. You can end it by tapping anywhere on your tablet’s screen.

Customizing Daydream

You can customize Daydream by tapping on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the display and selecting the When to Daydream option. Select any of the option to set when the tablet will Daydream by tapping on the dot near to While Docked, While Charging, or Either.

You can set your favorite photos to Daydream on your tablet. For this, select Photos from the list of apps and widgets and tap on the gear icon near to it. You can select any specific albums or photos on your device that you have taken using your tablets camera or other sources. Once the necessary photos or albums are ticked, go back and then launch the Daydream option.

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