Most of the newly launched Android tablets come with an internal storage memory of 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB. This internal storage space is actually enough for average tablet users, but still, several Android tablet users complain that the internal storage space of their tablet is running out at a faster pace.

If the available internal memory space in your Android tablet is limited, you will notice a slight difference in the performance of the device. That is, you will find it difficult to multitask on the device. In addition to that, you might not be even able to install new games and applications on the device.

One of the simplest ways through which you can resolve the situation is to buy an external memory card and use it on your device. However, some Android tablets don’t have a dedicated slot for external microSD devices. So, if you are using such a tablet, then this solution will not work for you.

Users who are in this situation will have to either copy the files in their tablet to an external USB drive or delete it. If you find it inconvenient to carry a USB drive and OTG cable with you, then it is best to delete the apps and games that you no longer need. Either way, it is best to check the storage memory stats of your Android device before you make a decision.

Below are a few steps that will give you a clear idea on how to review the storage stats of an Android tablet.

  • Go to the home screen of your Android tablet.
  • Click on Settings and then select Storage Item from the list.
  • Select a category on the Storage screen, as it will enable you to know how the internal storage space is used.
  • If you want to know how much storage space is left on your tablet, check out the Available Space.

If the remaining internal storage memory in your Android device is too low, then the slow performance issues of your tablet might be due to this. Therefore, deleting a few duplicate or unwanted applications and other large sized files might help you to speed up your Android tablet. If you are still having performance issues, it is best to get in touch with an expert technician for further assistance.

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