Tablets that utilize the Android operating system are prone to numerous commonly occurring issues. Some of these issues persist even after many of the upgrades and improvements brought out by the developers. Due to this, most Android tablet users have reported several issues that occur repeatedly and hinder the experience of using these devices. This issues occur commonly occur in most of the devices and are resolvable by carrying our proper diagnostics of the device and its operating system. Below is how to resolve common issues in Android tablets.

Unresponsive Android

Android that does not respond to the inputs of the user is one of the most commonly occurring issues in most tablets. The screen will also be automatically turned off and the tablet will appear as though it is turned off. It is caused due to the presence of numerous glitches in the OS or too many applications in the background that overloads the RAM.

Removing the battery is the best ways to resolve this problem. Perform a restart command for devices having a battery that cannot be removed. Press and hold the Power button for a few second and select the Restart option that appears on the display.

SD Card Cannot be Recognized

Most of the Android tablet users have reported that the device often does not recognize the SD card inserted into the device. This is caused mainly due to the corruption of the data stored on the SD card, which is unable to be recognized by Android. Furthermore, it can result in the loss of data stored on the SD card.

Formatting the SD card using a computer or a laptop is the most effective means to resolve this issue. Use the file explorer on the computer and right click to bring up the Format option. Execute the Format option, which will remove all the data from the SD card and reinsert it into the tablet.

Popup Menu not Appearing after Pressing Power Button

Most users have reported this issue of popup menu not appearing after holding the Power button. This menu is a crucial to carry out the most important functions of the tablet such as shutting down or switching to airplane mode. Restoring the tablet to its Factory Settings is the most effective way to resolve this issue. Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset Tablet and select this option which will initiate a factory reset of the tablet. Make sure to backup all your data before carrying out a factory reset.

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