There are times when you find your iPad screen the best display for the tasks, but at some other times, you may wish to kick back and watch your favorite shows on the big screen of your TV. What could be better than having your favorite TV show saved on your iPad device, and you connect it to your TV. Yet if you didn’t know how to do that, the tips shared by bulk tablet rental companies would help you connect your iPad to your TV easily.

Using Apple TV with AirPlay

Apple TV allows users to connect most of their Apple devices to their television. Making use of Apple TV, users can stream Netflix, YouTube, and movies and music in the iTunes library. Apple TV device supports AirPlay as well, which is a feature used to wirelessly connect iPad to stream media, if the feature is supported by the app.

Even if AirPlay is not supported by the app, users can still make use of screen mirroring. This will allow users to display whatever is on their iPad on their HD TV sets. Apple TV connects to HDTV of the user making use of the HDMI cable. This means that you can expect video output of very high quality while using Apple TV.

Using a Composite Cable

Composite cable has the 30-pin Apple connector on one end and the other end has a USB connector and RCA connector. The RCA connector has three connectors, the white and red ones for the audio and the yellow one for the video. The USB connector is provided to offer a power source.

This is an outdated option though, and the adapter with lightning connector for the latest iPad versions may not be available. So you may have to buy a lightning to 30-pin adapter to connect your device to the TV here.

Composite cables do not support screen mirroring either, and only work on those apps that support video out. Moreover, the display resolution is limited to 720p only. Yet the good side is that most of the projectors come with an HDMI port, so this option can be useful while trying to connect your iPad device to a projector.

Using a VGA Adapter

Connecting your iPad device to the television through a Video Graphics Array (VGA) adapter will only carry the video, and not the audio. This means that while using the VGA adapter to connect your iPad to TV, you may need to use an external speaker that is connected to the headphone jack of the iPad. Additionally, VGA adapters support screen mirroring, making it ideal for projector presentations and computer monitor displaying.

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