Tablet devices are prone to a variety of issues that hinder their functioning. The display is the most prominent component of a tablet that is vulnerable to several issues such as lack of response, improper color reproduction, etc. Amongst them, the white screen is a commonly occurring issue in the display of most Android tablets. The occurrence of this issue may be due to some trivial causes or a deeper problem.

Before considering a replacement of the tablet from any bulk tablet rentals, it is highly recommended to carry out a basic troubleshooting of the tablet display. Below is how to fix white screen issue in Android tablets.

White Screen during Application Usage

One of the most common causes attributed to the occurrence of white displays in tablets is due to the usage of a specific application. Check the point where the tablet displays the white screen such as the opening of a certain app during troubleshooting. The occurrence of a white screen or any lag in the tablet during the opening of an application is indicative of low internal memory in the device.

Verify the number of applications that are running in the background and close all of them. Another method is by going to the Settings > Display and disabling the system animations. This will minimize the memory usage during the opening of different applications.

Issues with the LCD Connector

Another common cause of white screen is the accumulation of dust or dirt in the display. Remove the LCD connector for checking the buildup of any dirt or dust. Switch off the tablet and remove the battery before removing the LCD connector. Disengage the connector and carefully remove the dirt or dust particles by using a spudger tool. After that, fasten the LCD connector, put on the battery and back panel, and switch on the tablet.

Last Resort: Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset is the most preferred step to take in the troubleshooting process. However, it erases all the personal files and application data from the tablet making the device clutter free and fresh. So you might need to backup your valuable files and data before proceeding.

To do a factory reset, go the Backup and Reset option in the Settings menu. Tap on the Factory Data Reset option to commence a complete erasing of the device data. When your device restarts, it will be cleared of all the software related issues.

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