Apple iPad Pro features iOS 10 and a mammoth 12.9 inches display – the biggest in all of the iPad tablets as yet. Users of iPad Pro tablets would love to multitask, all thanks to the 10-hour battery life on standby and features such as split-screen compatibility. Apple may have introduced the split-screen view in iOS 9, but only until the 2017 iPad Pro launched, the users thrived on screen multitasking. Below is how to enable split-
screen view in iPad Pro and run simultaneous applications like a true professional.

First, users should update the outdated applications, if any, to split-screen view in most of the applications. Once you update the apps, load a default app that supports the split-screen view such as Apple Safari. Once the Safari browser opens in the iPad Pro, hold the display horizontally and then open the slide over menu by swiping at the right edge of the screen to the left. From the slide over menu, open the second application, which you want to run alongside the Safari browser, hold new app’s border and drag the app to the left side of the screen to split up.

Keep dragging the second app until Safari breaks up, even as the dragged app consumes the other half of the iPad Pro screen. To decide which application should run alongside Safari, simply scroll down the list of apps presented in the slide over menu and keep scrolling until you reach the second app, which you are intending to open.

Screening Two Web Pages on Apple Safari

In fact, if you simply want to simultaneously browse multiple pages in split-screen mode, tap on a web page link, right click, and then tap on Open In Split View command. A dialog box would appear when you right click, and from there, you could screen a brand new page in the right side of your iPad Pro.

Browsing the Apple Safari fulfills one of the main functions of using iPad tablets, and you could possibly say that about simultaneous browsing of multiple pages in iOS 10. What’s more, when the refurbished iPads comes along featuring iOS 10 or later the purpose of split-screen view would broaden.

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