If your iPad is running using iOS 11, then you can access many advanced features related to voice control using the Siri Search Suggestions. Known previously as Spotlight, this feature allows you to search the apps, contacts, web, maps, calendar events, and email. Using this feature is one way to easily and quickly search within your iPad.

With iOS 11, the iPad has become more powerful than ever, and you can maximize its potential by using the Siri Search Suggestions feature. Below is how to enable and use Siri Search Suggestions on your iPad.

Accessing Siri Search Suggestions

Accessing Siri Search Suggestions in your iPad is different, especially if you are using the latest iOS update. To access Siri Search Suggestions, you need to place your finger at the center of the home screen and pull down. This will bring up the Siri Search Suggestions, which you can use to search anything on your iPad. To use it, tap on the text field to display it and then type in your search query. You can scroll through the list displayed to find out regarding your search item.

Enabling Siri and Search Suggestions

With iOS 11, you can use Siri to search amongst your apps for any of the specific data related to your search query. This is also applicable not only to the built-in apps, but also for any of the third-party apps that you have installed on your device. To enable it, go to Settings and then open Siri & Search. This will display numerous apps that you can enable the Search Suggestions feature. Select any of your preferred apps and then turn on the Search & Siri Suggestions switch.

Disabling Siri Suggestions in Search

You can disable the Siri Suggestions as well, if you do not need its assistance in searching your device. To turn off Siri Suggestions in search, open the Settings app and then open Siri & Search. Toggle the switch of Suggestions in Search to off. The switch will appear gray when this feature is turned off in your iPad. You can enable it back on by toggling this switch.

Disabling Siri and Search for Apps

You can regulate Siri from accessing you apps in search of content. This will prevent Siri from accessing the apps on your iPad. For this, open the Settings app and then tap on Siri & Search. Select any of the apps that you wish to prevent Siri from accessing and then turn off the Search & Siri Suggestions switch.

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