Not all pop-ups will distract the view when using an app or browsing in an Android tablet, but some tend to do so. Pop-up advertisements feature even in Android applications as they do on the web browser. However, fortunately like on a Personal Computer, you can block the pop-up ads on the Android device by using the below explained method.

You can install the Adblock Plus app to block ads system-wide, be it in third-party Android apps, a browser, or even gaming apps that you may have downloaded. If the app you are using on an Android tablet is of a third party and is no full-version, then pop-up ads may appear from time to time.

The ad-blocking app works via reverse proxy, meaning, it requests the web server on your behalf and then passes on the content as if the server. However, it shall be noted that Adblock Plus will run in the background of the Android tablet to block the recurring pop-up advertisements on an Android tablet, and will not interfere with your works on the device.

Coincidentally, Adblock Plus is not available on Google Play Store, so you may need to download the .apk file from their website. Moreover, you need to navigate to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources on Android to install the downloaded app from an external source. You can disable the option to trigger third-party sources from the same navigation path if you need to do so subsequently.

Once you install the app, enable the Filtering option at the top – it is the option to block the ads. In addition, there is an option to enable Acceptable Ads and enabling the toggle for that will allow non-intrusive ads to be displayed on the compatible Android device. You may enable or disable the Acceptable Ads as per your preference. Some users prefer to turn it on since many apps rely on generating ads-revenue.

If you have the Firefox browser installed on your Android device, navigate to Settings > Tools > Add-ons and tap on Browse All Firefox Add-Ons. Search for the Adblock Plus app and install the same on your tablet. Once the app installs as a plug-in successfully on the Android tablet, the pop-up ads will be blocked automatically for your browsing convenience.

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