Fun tricks are perfectly possible on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, as well as other models in the Galaxy family sharing the same platform. Below is a quick rundown on the top features you get with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A device.

Smart Tutor for Samsung

The Smart Tutor is a troubleshooting application, which works fine with most of the Samsung tablets. The app takes inputs from a remote expert on any trouble relating to device memory or performance.

Lock Screen Rotation

When tilting the display, the auto rotate feature tends to annoy depending on whether it is turned on or off. Most users turn the screen rotation on to operate the device vertically and horizontally without manual tilts. If you don’t want that, simply turn the feature off from the Settings.

Do Not Disturb

Have you ever thought of turning an alarm on and off as per your schedule? The Do not Disturb feature on the Sound and Notifications menu allows you to do just that and change the notifications using widgets.

Find My Mobile

What would happen if your Samsung tablet gets lost amidst a crowd? The Find My Mobile feature changes security dynamics through a free Samsung account, in turn giving full control over passwords.

Writing on Virtual Keyboard

On your Samsung Galaxy Tab A, you could simply type shorthand missives with or without bare hands. Open up the keyboard, tap on Settings to select the T-shaped icon for finger type or the microphone icon for voice control.

Smart Manager

All space related tweaks, besides storage battery or internal/external memory, should be done through the Smart Manager application. Doing self-trails would reveal a clearer picture on the app.

Build a Digital Library

Downloading E-readers on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A helps to read books in digital format. Not just books actually, you may as well download magazine issues for free and organize a digital library at one place.

Manage Guest User Accounts

Not all people would be comfortable giving away access to personalized applications to their friends and relatives. Opening up guest user would limit the usage, application-wise as well as profile-wise.

Lock Screen Customizations

It is easy to add lock screen customizations on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Turn the lock patterns off to avoid brain fades, use passwords if you may, and even change the wallpaper by long tapping on the home screen.

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