If you are an Android tablet user, then it might be a bit difficult for you to switch to an iOS device. Switching to a device that uses another operating system can be challenging initially, but it has its own benefits. However, there are a few things on the Android platform, which you will certainly miss while switching to an iPad.

The Back Button

One of the major things you miss while switching to iOS will be the dedicated Back button present at the bottom of Android tablets. Even though iPads offer a Back to [app] link on the top left side of your tablet, Android users might feel that the link is a bit far away when compared to their Back button.


Another major problem Android users encounter while using iPad tablets, is that there are no multiple home screens and application drawer. This means that customizing the tablet for your needs will be a lot harder in iPad tablets. On the other hand, the icons for Clock and Calendar are live in iPad tablets and they are really helpful to you.

Flexible Icon Placements

The icons in iPad tablets must be arranged in a contiguous sequence and this might be a bit annoying for Android users initially. You will have to move and shift multiple iPad icons while trying to shift and move a single icon. For instance, if you download and install a new app for your iPad, then it automatically goes to the last page of icon bundles and you will have to perform multiple steps to move the icon to your first page.

System Wide Audio Equalizer

Most music lovers like to tweak the sound on their tablets a bit, in order to adjust it with the varied capabilities of headsets and other audio devices. In Android tablets, any settings or variations to the EQ are applicable to all the apps, which generate sound. In addition to that, some of the Android devices offer more options to tweak the sound on your tablet.

Finger Print Scanner

The finger print scanners of most iPad tablets are located on the front side. Android users might feel that their finger print scanner, which is located at the backside of the tablet, is relatively convenient, as the right index finger of their hand is always placed at the back of the device. However, many users find the iPad feature more impressive.

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