Most Android tablet users heavily rely on the keyboard in their device to type messages, long texts, and even word documents. The keyboard that comes with Android tablets is usually efficient and easily usable. However, many tablet users are not aware of the fact that they can change the keyboard on their device too, if required.

There are several types of keyboards out there and the Android tablet keyboard that you are using might not be the most productive or useful one. So, if you are ready to experiment a little with the keyboard on your Android tablet, here is how you can do that with ease.

Most of the modern Android tablets available in the market usually come with at least a couple of pre-installed keyboard options. For instance, most of the Samsung tablets have two keyboard options – the default Samsung keyboard and a Swype keyboard. The latter one is a speedy “drag your finger across the screen to spell words” keyboard, which means that you will not have to download any other additional keyboards. Instead, you can use use both of them alternatively.

Enable the additional keyboards on your Android device by following the set of steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu of your tablet.
  • Select Personal, followed by Language and Input.
  • The keyboards that are currently installed on your tablet will be visible under the Language and Input
  • Now, simply turn on the keyboard by tapping on the slider or checkbox against it.
  • Tap Default if you want to set the keyboard as your default keyboard and choose the desired input method.

It is significant to note that some additional keyboards do have extra settings or features. You can access these settings by simply tapping the gear icon in the right position at a keyboard’s name. The settings may vary from one keyboard to another, but most of them allow users to change the theme, language, input their words, and to toggle the Autocorrect feature on and off as they please.

If you have enabled an additional keyboard on your Android tablet, you will be easily able to switch between the keyboards when you are typing contents. This will make it a lot more easier for you to type long documents on your device.

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