ThinkPad is one of the best Android tablets available in the market as of now. Still, Lenovo ThinkPad is not devoid of common Android tablet issues and bugs and users run into errors all the time. Worry not – following the below troubleshooting guide on the common issues of ThinkPad will help you deal with all the errors quickly.

ThinkPad Stops Responding

First, try a shutdown by pressing and holding the Power button for five seconds. If the tablet does not turns off, then press the Reset button located in between SD card and SIM slot of the ThinkPad. If the problem persists even after rebooting the ThinkPad, then uninstall the last application that you installed on the Android tablet.

Doing Over the Air Update

Lenovo provides stock Android experience on the ThinkPad tablet. Once in a week, the tablet checks for frequent updates to Android and the users would be notified when an update is found. In case that doesn’t come, go to Settings > About Tablet and manually check for Android updates. If you see any update available, connect the tablet to a reliable Wi-Fi network and perform the update.

Forgotten Password, PIN, or Pattern

If you attempt to unlock the Lenovo ThinkPad more than five times using PIN, password, or lock pattern, then a notification would appear asking if you have forgotten your password. Press the button to confirm; a screen would appear subsequently allowing you to enter your Google account ID and password. Then the device would unlock and allow you to reset the password.

Unable to Connect to the Internet

If you are unable to connect the ThinkPad with the internet, go to Wireless & Networks under the Settings menu and tap on More option to see if the tablet is running on Airplane Mode. Alongside Android beam, VPN, Mobile Networks, and NFC, Airplane Mode is one of the wireless and network settings, which disables all the wireless radios on the ThinkPad.

Unable to Connect to Bluetooth

Navigate to Wireless & Networks in the Settings menu and tap on More option to turn on Bluetooth on your ThinkPad. Set your tablet to Discoverable and see to it that the other device is also discoverable to connect. Then, go to Bluetooth Settings through the same navigation path and select Find Nearby Devices followed by Scan For Devices. If a Bluetooth device is found, the tablet will prompt you to enter a passcode to pair with the other device.

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