The display in most tablets can sometimes become unresponsive to touch. This can hinder the functioning of the tablet and prevent the user from carrying out even basic tasks. It is a commonly occurring issue in some tablet devices and is usually attributed to some other trivial matters concerning the processing of the device rather than the display.

The touchscreen can also become unresponsive after the device suffers a drop on the floor or with any cracks on its surface. However, there many ways to restore the touch response of the screen rather than replacing the entire screen itself. Below are some of the troubleshooting methods for fixing unresponsive display in tablets.

Clearing the RAM

The first method in troubleshooting an unresponsive display is to clear up the RAM. The RAM temporarily stores some of the data after an app is closed, which can cause the performance to get slower over time. In Android tablets, the users have different options in freeing up the RAM such as clearing the app cache available in the Settings menu.

Moreover, there are a lot of third-party applications available in the Play Store that you can download for free. These apps come with many built-in features that help in effectively clearing the RAM and any temporary files stored in the device. Many of the issues pertaining to an unresponsive display can be fixed after clearing the RAM.

Using Calibration Tool

Using the calibration tool is another troubleshooting method that can be employed for resolving any display related issues in tablets. However, the availability of the calibration tool is dependent on the Android OS version and the device.

To do that, go to the Display option in the Settings menu and access the calibration tool on the tablet. Follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the display for both pen and touch input. There are also several apps in the Play Store that can be utilized for calibrating the display and thereby resolving any of the display issues.

Restarting the Device

Another troubleshooting method to try out for sorting out an unresponsive display is to restart the tablet. Check the touch response of the display by tapping on the surface after the tablet restarts. Most of the applications will be closed during the process, which would help in determining whether any of the apps have caused the problem.

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