Most users of Android tablets have reported that their devices get frozen or hung for no apparent reasons. This issue can hamper with the functioning of the tablet while also decreasing the performance and productive uses of the device. However, freezing issues are common in all the tablet devices and occurs due to a variety of reasons.

Most of this is attributed to a misbehaving app, low memory, too much background applications, etc. Usually, the freezing or unresponsiveness of the tablet occurs due to minor issues and can be resolved by properly identifying them. Below are some basic troubleshooting methods to resolve freezing issues in Android tablets.

Restart the Device

One of the simplest yet effective ways to fix the error in the tablet is by performing a restart of the device. This will cause the OS to initiate a reboot of the device, which will eliminate any of the issues that causes freezing. The restart option is only available if the device is responding to some of the basic commands.

For restarting the device, press and hold the Sleep/Power button for a few seconds, which then displays the power options menu. Select the Restart option for performing a reboot of the tablet.

Force Restart

Force restart is the most effective method if the tablet seems unresponsive to any kind of inputs given by the user. Complete unresponsiveness of the device will deem the normal restarting method unusable. To perform a force restart of the tablet, press and hold the Sleep/Power button together with the Volume Down button.

Keep on holding this buttons until the screen goes blank, which will then initiate a forced restart of the tablet. However, the combination of keys to initiate a forced restart varies with the different tablet models. Check with the device manual for determining the right method for force restarting the device.

Force Stop Apps

Force stopping the apps will likely prevent many of the issues that cause freezing of Android tablets. Most of the freezing issues are attributed to any misbehaving apps and force stopping them will resolve the problem. However, this method is applicable only if the device responds to basic inputs from the user such as navigation and tapping.

To force stop an app, go to the Settings menu and navigate to the Apps section. Open the misbehaving app and choose Force Stop option on top of the resulting page to disable the app completely. If you are still experiencing issues, get in touch with an Android technician for help.

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