Samsung recently unveiled their latest tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in a high-octane press meet. The officials also announced that the tablet is officially on sale in the United Kingdom and it will be available to customers all over the globe in a few days. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is undoubtedly the best tablet ever launched by Samsung and it definitely poses a serious challenge and competition to Apple’s products.

There are plenty of exceptional features in Galaxy Tab S3, which makes it far superior to all other tablet models currently available in the market. If you have already bought or booked this device, then below are a few simple tips that will help you to make the most of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Enable Screen-Off Memo

One of the major perks of being a Galaxy Tab S3 owner is that you will not have to unlock your device to take down a note. This is because enabling screen-off memo feature on your tablet will allow you to draw a sketch or scribble a note on your device even when the screen of the tablet is turned off. So, make sure to enable screen-off memo.

View Keyboard Shortcuts

You will be surprised and thrilled to know that there is a hidden keyboard shortcut key in the settings menu of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. So, go to the Settings and then select General Management followed by Language and Input. Now click on the Physical Keyboard option and then select keyboard shortcuts.

Quickly Switch Between Apps

You might be familiar with the fact that Galaxy Tab S3 is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat. The latest android update allows users to easily switch between apps by simply double tapping the recent apps button of their device.

Use Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud, which is the backup and sync service of Samsung, keeps an efficient backup of your data and synchronizes it between Galaxy devices. So, make sure to check whether Samsung Cloud is enabled or not after buying the device. If it is not enabled, then do it.

Make a Gif

One of the major highlighting features of this tablet is that users will be able to create animated GIF on it by using the S Pen. Hover S Pen over the display of your tablet to open the Air Command menu and then select Smart Select, followed by GIF Animation to start creating your file.

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