Adding widgets to your iPad will greatly help you quickly access important things like news, weather, or reminders. If you have purchased a newer iPad running on iOS 10 from bulk tablet rentals, it is much easier to access and use widgets. These widgets will be automatically added to the list when you download an app that comes with a widget.

It is easy for you to use the widgets for specific apps installed on your iPad such as Google Maps. The widgets are located in the Notifications Center, which is accessible by swiping across the iPad screen. Below is a list of the five best widgets to include in your iPad.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a calendar app available for iOS devices, which you can use to set reminders, schedule appointments, and organize things. This widget can notify you early regarding any of your programmed reminders or schedules. It comes with a search feature, which you can use to search for any reminders or schedules that you have set in this widget. Besides, Fantastical 2 allows you to synchronize your programs with Facebook Events making it a much useful calendar app.


Copied is a widget that helps you in copying files between a document or email. It keeps your copy history or text and images, which you can use to copy and paste into other documents. This widget will aid in faster copying and transfer of documents. With copied, it gives you the freedom to copy and paste into documents or email. This widget essentially saves the time involved in going back and forth between different things by providing easy access to the Notification Center.

Google Maps

Yet another powerful widget that you can add in your iPad is Google Maps. It has two other widgets like the Nearby Traffic and Nearby Transit, which you can add to the Notifications Center. The Nearby Transit widget can help locate the available transit options near you. With the Nearby Traffic app, you can find out the prevailing traffic conditions near your area.


Favorites are a helpful iOS widget that is already present on your iPad. You can add a favorite in this widget such as contact and select the actions whether to call, iMessage, FaceTime, or email. After you have added them, the widget will display them all using the Phone app. The Favorites widget will enable you to quickly call or message someone without the need to use the phone or message app.

Weather Underground

Adding the Weather Underground widget on your iPad will provide you with the weather updates in your region. It has two other widgets such as the WU Weather and WU Radar. With WU Weather, you can know about the weather throughout the day, whereas WU Radar provides you with weather information from satellites on your location.

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