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Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Resolving Unresponsive Display in Android Tablets

Basic Troubleshooting Tips The display in most tablets can sometimes become unresponsive to touch. This can hinder the functioning of the tablet and prevent the user from carrying out even basic tasks. It is a commonly occurring issue in some tablet devices and is usually attributed to some other trivial matters concerning the processing of the device rather than the display. The touchscreen can also become unresponsive after the device suffers a drop on the floor or with any cracks on its surface. However, there many ways to restore the touch response of the screen rather than replacing the entire [Read More]

What Makes Refurbished Tablets Valuable

Value-For-Money If you are a tablet user bored by thumb scrolling over the tablet display, the next best bet is to own a refurbished device. Wholesale Tablets offers fresh models with good looking specs on paper, and our technicians clear the minor bugs on returned tablets so that users enjoy the new feel. Below are the preliminary steps to buy or rent from the tablet lot at WholesaleTablets.Com Test the Revamped Specifications Technicians can hardly tell the difference between used tablets to the refurbished tablets due to the difference in error. Obviously, the specification on an Android and the iPad [Read More]

Fun Facts about Samsung Galaxy Tablet A

Galaxy Tablet A Fun tricks are perfectly possible on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, as well as other models in the Galaxy family sharing the same platform. Below is a quick rundown on the top features you get with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A device. Smart Tutor for Samsung The Smart Tutor is a troubleshooting application, which works fine with most of the Samsung tablets. The app takes inputs from a remote expert on any trouble relating to device memory or performance. Lock Screen Rotation When tilting the display, the auto rotate feature tends to annoy depending on whether it [Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S3 – The Best iPad Alternative

Samsung Galaxy S3 If you do not wish to have the new iPad and are looking for an alternative for it, then you can go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. We all know that Samsung offers many tablet models, but many users and experts claim that their “S” series is the best. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the follower of Galaxy Tab S2, which was released last year. It is said to be one of the best tablets that you can buy now. Many users claim that the device even outclasses the iPad Pro 9.7 model in some of [Read More]

Key Differences between iPad 3 and iPad 4

Rent iPad If you are planning to buy a refurbished or used tablet, then we highly recommend you to settle for iPad 3 or iPad 4. This is because it will help you to acquire a better deal while allowing you to enjoy a number of numerous exceptional tablet features. Apple’s iPad 3 was the first iPad model that offered a retina display features to users, but this tablet was actually a lot similar to its predecessor, the iPad 2 device. On the other hand, iPad 4 comes with a high-speed processor, which is one of the major upgrades made [Read More]

Top 5 Privacy and Security Apps for your Android Tablet

Rent Android Tablets Many Android tablet users have a misconception that having an excellent anti-virus protection is enough to secure their tablet and to protect their personal files. It is significant to understand that if you do not adopt proper security measures on your tablet, then your personal files and other details might end up in the hands of hackers. Fortunately, the Android operating system is a flexible one and it does offer plenty of exciting applications that allow you to protect your data and other personal files. Moreover, there are numerous apps on Android Play Store, which helps you [Read More]

Tips for Safely Using Tablets at Night

Tablets For Sale The dependence on tablet devices has increased with it being an unavoidable aspect of all communication and work related things. However, this prolonged usage of tablet devices can have a perceivable negative impact on the health of an individual. Sleep deprivation is one such problem associated with increased usage of tablets. This is mainly caused due to the increase in the duration of exposure to the tablet screen particularly at night. The glare emanating from the screen can cause severe sleep disruption, which will eventually affect the productivity of an individual. Overcoming the issue of sleep disruption [Read More]

Monthly Maintenance to Keep your Android Tablet Speed Healthy

Rent Android Tablets Monthly maintenance and cleanup is very essential to make sure that your Android tablet offers you optimum performance. This is something that almost all Android users tend to forget. However, timely maintenance and clean up is very essential for the proper working of any electronic device, and not just tablets. Android tablets can become clogged with old data, just as computers do, and this buildup of data can negatively affect the performance of the device. Unlike computers though, the internal storage space of Android devices is low, so the upsurge of data can affect these devices pretty [Read More]

Two Hidden iPad Features That Will Work for you

Rent iPad If you are an iPad user, you will have wondered if there is any quick way to skip the apostrophe. Every year, Apple releases a new version of their operating system that powers the iPad device. With every new version of iPad, new features are introduced aimed at increasing the productivity and efficiency of the device. Some of these secret features of your iPad are explained below. Skipping Scrolling to the Top Have you ever scrolled down to the end of a long list and needed to go back to the top of the list? Of course, you [Read More]

Key Factors to Consider While Buying a Tablet

Rent Tablets There is a resurgence of tablet devices in the market because of the release of a wide range of models by different brands. Tablets stand in between smartphones and laptops, while offering a mix of features from both the devices. The availability of such a huge range of tablet models will make it difficult in choosing the right one according to your preferences. So, here are some of the key factors to consider while choosing the best tablet for your needs. The Operating System The OS is the most important parameter to consider when buying a tablet. Selecting [Read More]

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