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Bulk Tablet Rentals

Basic Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve Freezing Issues in Android Tablets

Basic Troubleshooting Methods Most users of Android tablets have reported that their devices get frozen or hung for no apparent reasons. This issue can hamper with the functioning of the tablet while also decreasing the performance and productive uses of the device. However, freezing issues are common in all the tablet devices and occurs due to a variety of reasons. Most of this is attributed to a misbehaving app, low memory, too much background applications, etc. Usually, the freezing or unresponsiveness of the tablet occurs due to minor issues and can be resolved by properly identifying them. Below are some [Read More]

How to Fix White Screen Issue in Android Tablets

Fixing White Screen Issue Tablet devices are prone to a variety of issues that hinder their functioning. The display is the most prominent component of a tablet that is vulnerable to several issues such as lack of response, improper color reproduction, etc. Amongst them, the white screen is a commonly occurring issue in the display of most Android tablets. The occurrence of this issue may be due to some trivial causes or a deeper problem. Before considering a replacement of the tablet from any bulk tablet rentals, it is highly recommended to carry out a basic troubleshooting of the tablet [Read More]

What to Do When your iPad is Water Damaged

In Case Of Water Damage What will you do if the iPad that you hired to use from a rental tablet has got wet? You may have accidentally dropped the device in the tub, sea, or the toilet, and might be looking to dry it out and fix the water damage to it. It is very sad that iPads and iPhones get dropped all the time. The most common damage from drops is the smashed screen and the second most common one is the water damage. If you have accidentally dropped your iPad in water, you should not think that [Read More]

Perfect Troubleshoots for Google Play Store

Troubleshooting Google Play Store Tablet users are not new to troubleshooting, although one wonders if users know about some of the common issues occurred in Play Store. Users get the tablets running to perfection by doing the basic troubleshoots. The below troubleshooting steps are perhaps the easiest ones for a tablet user, and most necessary since Play Store is the gateway to free apps. Clearing Cache Below are the steps to clear the cache data in Google Play Store. Go to the Settings in Android Select Apps Find Google Play Store Hit on Clear Cache Data Restart your tablet Users [Read More]

Useful Widgets for your Android Tablet

Useful Widgets For Tablet One of the major advantages of using an Android tablet is the availability of a wide range of widgets for adding to the home screen. They offer more convenience to the users in accessing some of the important applications in a tablet. Most of the Android tablets bought through bulk tablet rentals already come inbuilt with a few of the sample widgets. However, these widgets offer basic functionality only and may not satisfy the needs of some users. Due to this, it is important to include some of the useful widgets like navigation, contact, and eBook [Read More]

Few Tips to Transform your iPad into a Resourceful Business Tool

Bulk iPad Rentals Many tablet users classify iPad as just a media tablet. This means that iPad is a device that is suitable only for viewing content and not for making it. If you are a traveling professional who uses iPad, then you will certainly disagree with this point. There are a number of software apps and accessories, which allow you to transform your iPad into a viable business machine. If you are an average iPad user, then you might not know how to make this work. Here are a few simple tips, which will allow you to transform your [Read More]

How to Hook up your iPad to your TV

iPad Rentals There are times when you find your iPad screen the best display for the tasks, but at some other times, you may wish to kick back and watch your favorite shows on the big screen of your TV. What could be better than having your favorite TV show saved on your iPad device, and you connect it to your TV. Yet if you didn’t know how to do that, the tips shared by bulk tablet rental companies would help you connect your iPad to your TV easily. Using Apple TV with AirPlay Apple TV allows users to connect [Read More]

Top 5 Tablet Apps for College Students

Tablet Rentals It is a fact that there is always an app for every type of user and for every purpose. If you are a tablet user, who is getting ready for school or if you are already in college, then you will need to make sure that you have all the essential apps on your tablet device. These apps will certainly help you to make the learning process a lot much easier by helping you with your studies, to take notes, to stay in contact with your friends and family, and much more. So, here are 5 of the [Read More]

Things to Avoid While Using a Tablet

Tablets For Sale Tablets and smartphones have become an integral part of our life and most of us use these devices for a number of purposes. However, we have to realize the fact that we should take good care of these devices, as many of them aren’t built to be tough. They are vulnerable to a lot of factors, and carrying your tablets along with you while traveling from one place to another, increases the chances for the device to get damaged. Remember that you should never treat these gadgets just like toys. Here are a few things you should [Read More]

Quick Tips to Free Up Storage Space on your Tablet

Rent Tablets One of the major problems experienced by tablet users is that their device runs out of storage space at a much faster rate. This means that the user might not be able to download and install any more applications to the device. In addition to that, if your device is running with low storage space, then the tablet might not be able to offer its maximum potential. This will certainly make you feel irritated, as you will experience a lag while playing games, watching videos, or using other features installed in the tablet. Clean Up your Downloads Folder [Read More]

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