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How to Update your Android Tablet

Update Android Tablet It is important to ensure that your Android phone or tablet is powered by the latest version of the operating system to get the best performance from the device. If your Android tablet is not updated to the latest version of the operating system, you can force the device to search for available updates from the Settings menu. However, you need to understand that just because a new version of the operating system exists; it does not mean that it will be available for your Android tablet. The steps to update your Android tablet shared here by [Read More]

Common Issues and Respective Troubleshoots for Lenovo ThinkPad Users

Common Issues In Lenovo ThinkPad ThinkPad is one of the best Android tablets available in the market as of now. Still, Lenovo ThinkPad is not devoid of common Android tablet issues and bugs and users run into errors all the time. Worry not – following the below troubleshooting guide on the common issues of ThinkPad will help you deal with all the errors quickly. ThinkPad Stops Responding First, try a shutdown by pressing and holding the Power button for five seconds. If the tablet does not turns off, then press the Reset button located in between SD card and SIM [Read More]

Basic Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve Freezing Issues in Android Tablets

Basic Troubleshooting Methods Most users of Android tablets have reported that their devices get frozen or hung for no apparent reasons. This issue can hamper with the functioning of the tablet while also decreasing the performance and productive uses of the device. However, freezing issues are common in all the tablet devices and occurs due to a variety of reasons. Most of this is attributed to a misbehaving app, low memory, too much background applications, etc. Usually, the freezing or unresponsiveness of the tablet occurs due to minor issues and can be resolved by properly identifying them. Below are some [Read More]

Key Specifications and Features of Nexus 9 Tablet

Nexus 9 Tablet Features Nexus 9 is an incredible tablet made by HTC and Google. It comes with a delicate balance of features and functionality that makes it an ideal tablet for both entertainment and productivity. Since its release in 2014, the Nexus 9 tablet has sold many units worldwide. In fact, it has become the preferred tablets for rent in a wide range of applications. Comparing to its previous model, the Nexus 9 tablet is a worthy upgrade with lots of improvements in design and performance. Below are some of the key features and specifications of Nexus 9. Design [Read More]

How to Enable Split-Screen View in iPad Pro

Enabling Split-Screen View Apple iPad Pro features iOS 10 and a mammoth 12.9 inches display – the biggest in all of the iPad tablets as yet. Users of iPad Pro tablets would love to multitask, all thanks to the 10-hour battery life on standby and features such as split-screen compatibility. Apple may have introduced the split-screen view in iOS 9, but only until the 2017 iPad Pro launched, the users thrived on screen multitasking. Below is how to enable split-screen view in iPad Pro and run simultaneous applications like a true professional. First, users should update the outdated applications, if [Read More]

How to Resolve Common Issues in Android Tablets

Issues in Android Tablets Tablets that utilize the Android operating system are prone to numerous commonly occurring issues. Some of these issues persist even after many of the upgrades and improvements brought out by the developers. Due to this, most Android tablet users have reported several issues that occur repeatedly and hinder the experience of using these devices. This issues occur commonly occur in most of the devices and are resolvable by carrying our proper diagnostics of the device and its operating system. Below is how to resolve common issues in Android tablets. Unresponsive Android Android that does not respond [Read More]

How to Fix White Screen Issue in Android Tablets

Fixing White Screen Issue Tablet devices are prone to a variety of issues that hinder their functioning. The display is the most prominent component of a tablet that is vulnerable to several issues such as lack of response, improper color reproduction, etc. Amongst them, the white screen is a commonly occurring issue in the display of most Android tablets. The occurrence of this issue may be due to some trivial causes or a deeper problem. Before considering a replacement of the tablet from any bulk tablet rentals, it is highly recommended to carry out a basic troubleshooting of the tablet [Read More]

Simple Steps to Fix the Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues of your Tablet

Fixing Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues An active high-speed internet connection can make the use of an Android tablet much more exciting and entertaining but installing a wireless router in your home makes things a lot more fun. You can easily use internet on your Android tablet by easily turning on the Wi-Fi settings of your device. However, several people who own Android tablets recently complained that they are unable to connect their tablet to their personal Wi-Fi router. If you are in this scenario, you should initially make sure that your wireless modem is in good working condition. If your wireless [Read More]

Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Resolving Unresponsive Display in Android Tablets

Basic Troubleshooting Tips The display in most tablets can sometimes become unresponsive to touch. This can hinder the functioning of the tablet and prevent the user from carrying out even basic tasks. It is a commonly occurring issue in some tablet devices and is usually attributed to some other trivial matters concerning the processing of the device rather than the display. The touchscreen can also become unresponsive after the device suffers a drop on the floor or with any cracks on its surface. However, there many ways to restore the touch response of the screen rather than replacing the entire [Read More]

What to Do When your iPad is Water Damaged

In Case Of Water Damage What will you do if the iPad that you hired to use from a rental tablet has got wet? You may have accidentally dropped the device in the tub, sea, or the toilet, and might be looking to dry it out and fix the water damage to it. It is very sad that iPads and iPhones get dropped all the time. The most common damage from drops is the smashed screen and the second most common one is the water damage. If you have accidentally dropped your iPad in water, you should not think that [Read More]

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